Lo, my soul aches to the depths of my heart.
The Holy Spirit alone can measure my pain.
I stand before my Lord in anguish, for I know:
I am justified, yet guilty;
I am righteous, yet evil;

My soul is torn between what it is and what I desire it to be.
I act one way, then the other, always praying to be righteous and justified,
but falling short of goodness.

Failing to fulfill righteousness, I am condemned,
deserving of crucifixion, yet pleading for my life.
My Lord takes my place on the cross, suffering pain,
He dies taking His last breath for me.
He has paid my price.
He has redeemed my soul.

How can I repay my Lord?
I can share the love and  joy I have in His gift with others,
I shall lift all people up to God with love, joy and peace, and
Pray for right living to come fully into my life.

Help me, O Lord, to become as I should be, not as I am,
For thou art the Shepherd and guiding light in my life.
Let me be filled with your love.
Let me reflect your light  to the world;
Let me live for you alone, O Lord, since You alone died so that I may live.
Let me live my life abundantly for You.

– by Sandra L Cook, written 10 Feb 2000


Righteousness — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for sharing a specific prayer that is still relevant today even though it was written 12 years ago. It is also my desire to let Christ’s love shine through my life so others can see His good works and glorify Him.