Excellence in Education is an initiative that Sandy undertakes every day to insure that children who struggle with learning are provided a viable education.  There are many problems with educational provisioning, but the provisioning to children with disabilities is often filled with low expectations and with limited opportunities to pursue higher education through adequate K-12 provisions.  Sandy supports quality teaching practices and high expectations for all students, and actively pursues instilling these values into all educational providers, whether administrators, teachers, tutors, or homeschooling parents.

SandyKC is known by many through her Learning Abled Kids, L.L.C. and Academic A.C.E. websites.  Both of these websites focus on educational success, with Learning Abled Kids, L.L.C. focusing on homeschooling children with specific learning disabilities, and Academic A.C.E. focusing on changing the academic climate in American public schools to a fully-success oriented focus.