I won $5,000 for our dinnertime planning

Cooks Prize Winning Annual Meal Planning SystemAre you tired of being in a “What’s for dinner?” rut?

Are you frustrated by daily indecision about “What’s for dinner?”

Do you waste time going to the grocery store multiple times per week?

Is your grocery shopping a guessing game?

Do you have four to seven hours free per year you can use for annual meal planning?

Cook’s Prize Winning Annual Meal Planning System can streamline your meal planning process, make grocery shopping an easier once per week adventure, and simplify meal preparation.

Using the Cook’s Annual Meal Planning System will enable you to spend less time figuring out your family dinners for the week, and get you out of the “What’s for dinner?” rut.

If you have about four to seven hours free per year, you can plan your meals for the entire year. (Note: It takes a little longer your FIRST year because you will have to do some information gathering / brainstorming.) You can plan to serve meals your family actually likes and you’ll only repeat meals once every two or three months. You’ll never have to fret about “What’s for dinner?” again!

Using the Cook’s Award Winning Annual Meal Planning System each year will help you perfect the process over time, will expand your family’s mealtime choices, and it will help your family bond over dinner. Research shows that family meal times can help your kids stay out of trouble, do well in school, and can help your family relationships for a lifetime.
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